Planets & Each day of the week


Few words explaining the inspiration for this collection

We all know generaly that planets have a great influence to our lives 🙂

Planets affect us in different cycles not only annual, perennial, centuries-but every day we are under the influence of another planet.

In order to better interact and benefit from the impact energy of the Planets, it is good to dress up in the colors of the Moon.

In our first collection we support the energy of the Planets through a well-chosen quotes also complement and support their energy.

Instead of struggle and worry that something is going wrong each day of the week, simply use the potential of vibration which gives you each of this planets.

One of the ways that you can enhanced and better interact  with the planets vibration is use a collection of TMofL

Start consciously use your potential in every day living !!

01 Monday

Planet – Moon
Colour – white, silver, cream
Energy – female
Tree – Willow
Angel – Gabriel
Kaballah – Yesod

mind, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, joys and sufferings of man. Emotions, dreams, clairvoyance, home, family, medicine, women’s fertility, news, theft, travel, subconscious, healing, small animals and children, sisters and wives, motherhood instinct

02 Thuesday

Planet – Mars
Colour – red, orange
Energy – male
Tree – Holly
Angel – Samael
Kaballah – Geburah

courage, revenge, defeating enemies, higher education, violence, fast performance, operations, scattering evil spells, marriage, war, prison, hunting, political and physical competition, leadership, desire, treatment of blood diseases

03 Wednesday

Planet – Mercury
Colour – orange-yellow, gray, violet (opalescent colours)
Energy – male
Tree –  Hazel
Angel – Raphael
   Kaballah – Hod

mental clarity, communication, writing, strategy, divination, young people, knowledge, negotiation, business, learning, addictions, common sense, long, anxiety, loss, healing and self-improvement, perception, group travel

04 Thursday

Planet – Jupiter
Colour – royal blue, purple
Energy – male
Tree –  Oak
Angel – Sachiel
Kaballah – Chessed

happiness, success, growth, expansion, generosity, male fertility, older people, legal matters, health, honor, wealth, clothing, desires, men’s competition, the spiritual achievements

05 Friday

Planet – Venus
Colour – green, pink, ocean green (crayon colours)
Energy – female
Tree –  Apple-tree
Angel – Anael
   Kaballah – Netzach

love, pleasure, peace, romance, marriage, attraction, friendship, gentleness, simplicity, partnership, art, music, sex and cardiac issues, physical beauty, fragrances and perfumes, social work, social life, women’s issues, protection

06 Saturday

Planet – Saturn
Colour – dark purple, black,  dark gray, indigo
Energy – female
Tree –  Alder
Angel – Cassiel
   Kaballah – Binah

overcoming obstacles, spiritual communication, meditation, life, freedom, self-discipline, protection, overcoming limitations, find lost people and objects, older people, end, death, destruction of diseases and plagues, defeat those who restrict us, the defense of mental

07 Sunday

Planet – Sun
Colour – yellow, gold, white, orange 
Energy – male
Tree –  Birch-tree
Angel – Michael
Kaballah – Tifferet

health, leadership, healing, success, self-knowledge, bliss, ego, hope, joy, strength, individuality, power, fathers and husbands, security, power, power, spirituality, promotion, fortune


tOOday mOOnDay Just start to wear it ;-)

Finally!  First of  TMofL collection

01 Monday

Would you like to suport Moon energy in you?

Just start to wear it 🙂

Moonday Women

Start to express your values and personality in everyday living :-)

MoodnadyFBteaser1Start to express your values and personality in everyday living 🙂 with TMofL from Moonday 6th of May 2013